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Camera Crane at Movie Studio Set

Official access.
Walk-on roles.
Behind the scenes.

For personal attention
Meet your favourite stars and increase your notoriety with family and friends. Give us a week of availability in L.A. and you can be a part your favourite TV show with a walk on role, maybe even a bit part in a new blockbuster movie.
Tour the sound stages and studio sets, meet the people who make it all happen, and then pamper yourself in a luxury Hollywood hotel and spa. Call us with your dreams and we’ll make all the arrangements, Hollywood-style.



Big Bang Theory TV Show


Be a part of the excitement with a TV walk-on role.

Dancing with the Stars TV Show

Dancing with the Stars.

Step your way into the grand finale with our VIP access.

Hollywood Sets.

Studio tours offer a rare glimpse into the business of movie-making.

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