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Belize Villas for Rent

Luscious surroundings.
Private amenities.
Endless possibilities.

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One of the last unspoiled treasures, Belize nestles between the Central American rainforest and the warm, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a land for explorers—from golden beaches to proud Maya temples, from protected forests that teem with unique wildlife to fantastic fishing and diving on the Southern Barrier Reef, Belize offers the experience of a lifetime. Relaxing at one of our lushly appointed villas is a particularly sweet reward after a day spent exploring.
This villa offers a destination worthy of its surroundings; a tropical paradise that boasts a beachside location surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Attention to detail includes stunning, locally crafted furniture, top-end appliances, and amenities designed to cater to your every whim. Accommodating 2- to 32 guests in a spacious 10 bedroom home, it’s perfect for romantic holidays, family reunions, fishing adventures, weddings, yoga retreats or conferences—all of which Inspire is ready to help you plan.


There’s Always More

Belize Villa Gym

Fully Equipped.

Enjoy a rooftop games room, air-conditioned gym, barbeque bar, and hot tub, with Wi-Fi and satellite throughout the property.

Belize Day Trip

Day Tripping.

Explore awesome Mayan sites will knowledgeable guides, or hike the Cockscomb Basin Nature Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve.

Fishing in Belize

Ocean Adventures.

Enjoy world-class fishing, dive or snorkel the protected barrier reef, and perhaps catch a glimpse of a whale shark, the largest fish in the sea.

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